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Our Story

Our Story

The “Tunisian Business Council - Abu Dhabi” is a non-profit organization, licensed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and by the Abu Dhabi Chamber.

TBC Abu Dhabi is chaired by one of the most prominent Tunisian businesspersons, Mr. Mohammed Damak, who is the CEO of SERGAS Group. Mr. Mohamed Damak founded Sergas in 1988, and under his leadership the group is today one of the largest gas system service provider in the UAE with operations including other GCC countries such as KSA and Oman.

TBC Abu Dhabi works in conjunction with the Tunisian Business Council of Dubai and N.E.

Both business councils share a similar vision and work toward the realization of the same objectives:

  • Representing the UAE based Tunisian business community and assist in its development
  • Develop the bilateral investments, trades and cooperation between the UAE and Tunisia

In order to coordinate their efforts, both business councils entered into a formal cooperation agreement in 2017 with the aim to reach the greatest integration possible between the two entities (within the strict limitations of the application regulation).

When they work together, both business councils are informally referred to as the Tunisian Business Councils in the UAE.